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European Parliament Hemicycle - Parlamentarium - House of EU History

International city

Belgium is quite rightly renowned for many things including its history, architecture, food and drink. You will find evidence of all of these in Brussels, its capital city.In addition to being the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels is home to both the European Union and NATO, as well as a wealth of international trade and finance companies. With a population of 1.2 million, Brussels is a Region of 19 municipalities, including the City of Brussels itself.

Since the end of the Second World War, Brussels has been a major centre for international politics and the de facto capital of the European Union, hosting the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. Its historic heritage is showcased by superb examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Art Nouveau art and architecture.
We present you with some options that will help you make the most of your stay in Brussels during the conference week. Please click here.

Below are some of the highlights from these options.


Visit the European Parliament Hemicycle and find out more about the public session venue at an exclusive briefing on the work and role of the European Parliament.
Private group briefings have been arranged for Monday 22 October, Tuesday 23 October, Thursday 25 October (pm) and Friday 26 October (am). For further information or to register your interest in attending, please contact Forum Europe for further information. Please note that the deadline for securing your place is Friday 12 October.


Visit the Parlamentarium, Europe’s largest parliamentary visitor centre, to get a flavour of European politics. Multimedia handsets in the European Union’s 24 official languages will help guide visitors to the heart of the European Parliament, explaining the path towards European integration, how the European Parliament works and what its Members are doing to meet the challenges of today.
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House of European History

The House of European History offers a trans-national overview of European history. The main focus of the permanent exhibition is on European history from the 20th century and the history of European integration, viewed from a broad historical perspective and bringing together both contrasting and shared experiences of Europeans in history.
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Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent

Belgium in picture
Antwerp - Bruges

Guided tours of the beautiful cities of Antwerp, Bruges or Ghent will take place on Friday 26 October with coach departure from Brussels.
Tour description:

Antwerp is located about 150 km from Brussels and was home to the master of the Baroque style, Paul Peter Rubens. The city has the largest Gothic church in the Low Countries, where you can admire two of the most beautiful masterpieces of the baroque painter. Antwerp is the second largest town of Belgium, the largest port of Belgium and the second largest port of Europe. You will be pleasantly surprised by the history of the city and by the fusion of architectural styles from various periods of time. Cost: €34

Bruges is an ancient city located in the northern part of Belgium, about 100 km from Brussels. The city was once a main port of shipment and welcomed plenty of artists and nobles from Europe during the 15th century. Bruges maintained its medieval appearance thanks to various factors from the last centuries, about which you will learn during the visit. Today, Bruges – the “Venice of the North” - is a destination of choice for thousands of tourists every year. Cost: €30

Ghent is located about 50 km from Brussels and is considered a historical jewel of Belgium. The city is the birthplace of Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and heir to the house of Habsburg. Ghent played an important role during the industrial revolution in continental Europe and is where the first labour movement was established in 1859. Today, the city has maintained its medieval centre, and several of his Gothic buildings are listed as a World Heritage Sites by Unesco. Cost: €35

To secure your place on this private group tour, please complete the online booking form selecting the ‘Day trip to Bruges’ option and quoting the reference ‘Forum Europe’.
For more information about the tour please contact the tour operator: Bravo Discovery | | 32 477 38 05 05

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Please note: Excluding the Hemicycle Briefing (for which you can contact Forum Europe directly), all tours/visits are to be booked direct with the provider and, as such, will be subject to their individual terms and conditions. Please refer to the provider for any further information on booking procedures, payment & cancellation policies etc.