European Parliament Hemicycle

The second part of the discussion will go beyond ‘micro’ relationships between individuals and in families and communities, and explore the impact of rapidly evolving technology on society and the economy as a whole. Do we need ethics in a digital world? Does digital technology strengthen or weaken civic freedom and harmony? How has technology empowered consumers? What are the biggest risks to the arts, the free press and local communities? How may they be exacerbated by concentrated markets? How do notions of harmony, morality and trust combine with big data and AI to justify surveillance and behavioural control? What techniques are available to people to seize back control over their online selves?

Moderator - Trevor Hughes,  International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

  • Monique Goyens, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)
  • Maya Wang, Human Rights Watch, China Senior Researcher
  • Barry Lynn, Open Markets Institute
  • Valeria Milanes, Asociación por los Derechos Civiles
  • Frederike Kaltheuner, Privacy International
  • Joe Cannataci, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy
  • Message from Edward Snowden (tbc)